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Civil Law

Civil Law Issues are as Varied as Everyday Life

Civil law is less a category than a vast field of law. It’s such a vast field that it’s easiest to define it as anything that’s not criminal law, estate planning, bankruptcy, or business law. But don’t let the difficulty to define it fool you. Civil law is a critical part of daily life, and for many people it’s the primary way they experience the justice system. Even a handful of examples prove how much of a variety there can be.
  • Get in a car accident and your insurance doesn’t want to cover the damages? Post Falls Law can represent you in negotiations with your insurance company, or file a suit against the other driver to recover damages.
  • Hire a contractor to remodel or build a house and see your money disappear with no progress on the build? We enter negotiations with the company and start litigation, if necessary, to recover your money.
  • Suffer an injury while shopping at a store? We can pursue your claim against the store and work to repay your medical costs and more.
These are some of the circumstances where Post Falls Law is happy to help. If you find yourself in need of a lawyer to handle a civil law matter, bring in your documentation and your story and talk to one of our attorneys today. You may come in not knowing why you’re in an attorney’s office, but we’re confident you’ll walk out with a path forward no matter what your issue may be.

Civil Law

What Can We Do For You?


If you’ve had issues with a contractor or other construction job, we can help recover what you’ve lost and get your dream project back on track.

Car Accidents

Automobile accidents can disrupt your life and leave you with lasting injuries and expenses. We’ll handle insurance issues, pretrial settlements, and litigation.


Coming to an agreement outside of court can save all parties time and expense. We’re happy to help you in mediation to ensure your interests are well-represented.


A wide variety of legal issues can lead to a courtroom. From discovery through the verdict we’ll zealously advocate for you and your case, and walk you through every step.


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