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Keeping You and Your Assets Safe

Starting and operating a business takes hard work and self-sacrifice, but the reward is worth the effort. Throughout Post Falls, entrepreneurs have built thousands of successful businesses, from Frederick Post’s first humble sawmill to creative enterprises that reach a global audience. But like a house needs a strong foundation, your business needs a sturdy legal framework to keep you and your assets safe. Business law is the art and science of protecting your company and helping it grow.

Sometimes it may seem like running a business is all about managing growth, expenses, and income, but there are many legal pitfalls to avoid. From the very beginning, a business needs to be set up to protect the assets of the owner from liability. We can help you make that decision and design an appropriate operating agreement. Once you’re up and running, you will need contracts to buy and sell products, hire employees, and more. Post Falls Law can draft and review contracts to help you make the best deals. If disputes arise in the operation of your business, we can step in and mediate between partners or contractors. And if you need to end your business, we can walk you through the process of dissolution.

We Love Helping Local Businesses

*Please note that Post Falls Law no longer provides free consultations. However, we are so confident that you will receive excellent legal advice that we now offer a satisfaction guarantee with our consultations. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your consultation, we will refund up to all of the consultation fee paid.

Whatever your business needs, Post Falls Law provides a wide array of services designed to protect your investment. We are dedicated to providing the business owners of Post Falls with the tools needed to run a successful business. From forming your LLC to drafting the contracts that keep the company ticking, Post Falls Law is ready to help you become a part of this city’s entrepreneurial legacy.

Business Law

What Can We Do For You?

Entity Formation

Starting a business right takes planning and foresight. We help form LLCs and partnerships, draft operating agreements, provide advice on regulatory compliance, and more.


Once your business is operational, you’ll need the legal documents to ensure your company runs by the book. We’ll write the documents you need, including employment, purchase, and sale agreements.


Unfortunately, disputes in the operation of a business may arise. These include litigation over contracts, questions about business formation, and mediating issues of corporate governance. Our business law attorneys are committed to zealously representing your interests and those of your business.


Ending a business can be a complicated affair, and Post Falls Law is happy to guide you through the whole process. We’ll help you wade through negotiations with creditors, winding up the business, and the administrative requirements for dissolution.


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